Aerocool Strike X 600 watts or CoolerMaster GX 750 watts?

Please help me choose between the two. Thank you!

Aerocool Strike X 600 watts or CoolerMaster GX 750 watts?
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  1. Neither is good what's your system specs and budget
  2. both brands are not good?

    Intel Quad Core 2 @2.66
    4GB Ram
    Sapphire HD6870
    500GB WD Blue
  3. correct these would be good choices Antec HGC M 620W
    Seasonic made, 80Plus Bronze, modular, 48A of 12V power, 3 yr warranty

    Seasonic M12II 620W
    Partly modular, 80Plus Bronze, 48A on the 12V rail, 5 yr warranty

    Rosewill Capstone 550W
    Superflower made, 80Plus Gold, 5 year warranty
  4. i thought cooler master was a pretty decent brand? is it not?
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    Not their power supply no they make top of the line cases though here have a look Tier 4 - Not Recommend for stressful situations. May not be able to put out full rated power above room temperature, and may slightly fail to meet ATX specs.
  6. Cooler master does not make psu and the only ones that are not garbage that they supply are the silent pro series
  7. Your infos are helpful, thanks.
    But if you were to choose from only the two? Aerocool or CoolerMaster? Thanks!
  8. I wouldn't because i be to scared they might not keep my computer running well for very long
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  10. Alright! Thank you for your time! I've learned a lot!
  11. No problem your very welcome!
  12. bigcyco1 said:
    No problem your very welcome!

    is corsair VX 550 watts good?
    or corsair CX 600 watts?
  13. CX v2 is o.k. i don't know about VX sorry
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