Computer powers down randomly no blue screen of death but this keeps happening

get the message, monitor going to sleep and computer shuts down, this is very random..might happen several times in one day and then not again for a couple of powers all the way down..also videos start and stop, such as those on you tube do not know if there is a connection between these 2 problems or not
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  1. PSU dieing/underpowered? System specs needed.
  2. HP AMD Athlon 11x640 Procesor 3.00 GHZ Ram 4.00 GB 64 bit..I am strictly a tech nerd..
  3. did you see my answer????????????????
  4. Bad PSU, or your are suffering from over heating issues. First things first, download realtemp to monitor your CPU temperatures. Download a GPU temp monitoring program and monitor your GPU temps. If they get to high, the PC will shut down. You should tell us your temps.

    If temps are good, then there is a very good chance you have a bad PSU. Switch it out for another one from a reputable brand.
  5. definition of "nerd"----someone who does not know what psu stands for or realtemp a "free' download???sorry for my ignorance.
  6. PSU is Power Supply Unit and GPU is Graphics Processing Unit. Yes Realtemp is a free download along with another HWMonitor which does the samething.

    Next time the system shuts down you can move your hand close to the PSU and see if you can feel the extra heat coming off from it. This is how I found out it was a problem with my PSU a long time ago. PSU are one of the most common items on a build to go bad and they can be a pain to troubleshoot as some of their problems look like problems with other components.
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