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Hello! I have an HP Dv6t-6100 CTO Select Edition that I got in September of 2011. Well the i5 was the cheaper option by the 200 dollars and still seemed pretty good, but now I am getting into more demanding tasks (Video Rendering, ect.) I have been doing research and the i7-2720QM has the same socket as my i5-2410m. Is there any way I can upgrade? I know my chipset supports it. The main thing I see is that the i7 uses 10 watts more. Is this an issue?

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  1. In terms of heat that can be a problem.

    You need to check if it is soldered into the motherboard and that means you can either try CPUID or open the laptop, just remember you have a danger of damaging the motherboard so keep touching a metal object that is also touching the ground.
  2. I know the processor isn't soldered. I have seen videos and the manual shows how you can open up the laptop. I know when I bought the laptop that the i7 was a choice of processor.
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    Well then you have a clear upgrade path, the laptop might get a bit more hot under heavy load but thats it really
  4. Okay, Thanks.
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  6. See if you can find photos, the i7 may have come with a different cooler...
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