Help! I think my USB ports on my Toshiba L455 are malfunctioning.

At first, I thought I had an issue with my new camera, which suddenly started giving me the "Connection failed!" message when I tried to download pics from it, when I had already successfully downloaded 2 other sets of pics.

Now, I'm having a problem with my printer. "Printer Not Ready -- check all connections," blah, blah, blah. I even changed the ink cartridge, though I don't think it was completely out.

I have tried to use all 3 ports with both devices. I think it's odd that I would suddenly have a connectivity issue with both my camera and my printer, so I'm thinking it's the USB ports. Is there anything I can do?
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  1. Are those 3 usb ports all that you have?

    None on your monitor anywhere? None on your Keyboard?

    The 5v lines on the PSU power the USB connections, its possible that your PSU's 5v lines are deteriorating. Do you have another PSU available that you could try to use in your PC to see if anything changes?
  2. The Toshiba L455 is a laptop. No separate monitor or keyboard.

    I don't know what you're referring to re 5v lines or what PSU means.
  3. NM, I misread the laptop thing.

    If you indeed have a laptop then there is very little you can actually do to test or fix any problems you are having with USB ports.

    If you restart the laptop and then restart the devices (if applicable) and it still doesn't work then there is probably not that much you can do.

    I could recommend more things if you had a desktop with a monitor and keyboard and all that, but with laptops its a lot more difficult.
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