New graphics card setup....can't decide

I have been debating for the past three months between these graphic card setups:
Currently I mainly use GTX 560 Ti's in SLI (two way) on my intel build. I have not been able to decide and really want to up the graphics prowess of my Intel gaming build. The one qualm I have with leaving my 560 TIs is I don't have the stock cooler, they are mounted with EK GTX 560 V2 waterblocks as of now and I really am not sure weather or not to keep them for another build or part with them? Any suggestions or help is appreciated and the graphics cards will be mounted with waterblocks most likely as soon as the arrive.

XFX Radeon 7970 in Crossfire (Two way)
EVGA GTX 580 superclocked in SLI (Two way)
EVGA GTX 680 in SLI (Two way)
XFX Radeon 6970 in crossfire (Two way)
MSi twin frozr GTX 570 in SLI (Three way)

All of those are really appealing to me as I really want to do crossfire/sli again and most of the configurations are twice as powerful as my 560 TI's.
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  1. Hmm I'm guessing that there is no budget! If I were you I would take the 2 GTX 680 Because they can go head to head with the 7970's and win, they are newer so therefore they will most likely last for a good couple of years, and with water blocks I dont see a problem with heat.
  2. 680 SLI FTW!!! (unless you can find 2 on stock :)) Or 7970 CF.

    ...What an intel fanboy :lol:
  3. kinda tough to suggest anything knowing so little. What's the rest of the system, what monitor and res and what do you use the machine for ?
  4. Overclock, you should be able to hit 1.1ghz, anyways I would go 680 sil with EK waterblocks :)
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