6870 crossfire

Im planning on buying a new motherboard and crossfiring a pair of 6870s
My consern is will they run ok @ x8?
and what will performance increase be? Approx %?

Thanks alot
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  1. Depends on game. On battlefield 3 you should expect 80-90% increase. On games that don't support crossfire - 0%.
  2. Ino that every game doesnt support crossfire,
    I just mean with games that can lol.

    Will it make any difference crossfire @ x8x8 rather than x16x16?
    As in will they still run to there potential?

    Thanks alot
  3. Afaik you cannot crossfire x16x16. It will work without a problems.
  4. I thought you could crossfire 2 gpus in 2pcie x16 lanes both @x16 bandwidth?
    Because ive seen charts comparing the two (x8x8 vs x16x16)

    Also could you recommend a psu capable of 2way crossfire for 2 6870s?
    ive got a corsair cx500 but thats only got two 6+2 pins

    Thanks alot
  5. this one should be good:

    Sorry, I am not very knowledgeable about x16/x16, but I know x8/x8 won't hurt your performance.
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