Boot 32-bit vista + 64-bit windows 7 + Linux?

Hello everyone, a few boot questions:

1) Is it possible to dual boot 32-bit Vista + 64-Bit windows 7?
2) Is it possible to dual boot 32-bit Vista + 64-bit Ubuntu Linux?
3) Is it possible to triple boot 32-bit Vista + 64-Bit windows 7 + Linux 64-bit?

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  1. all of those could work, though I would suggest a good boot loader
  2. It is definitely possible to do 2). I have dual booted Windows Vista/7 with Ubuntu without problems. The key is to install Windows first and Linux second.

    1) and 3) should also be possible. I have a desktop rig that triple boots Arch Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows 7. To triple boot, you have to be a lot more careful about how you partition the hard drive. However, I've never done a triple boot where two of the OSes are Windows.
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