Anyone know a good Case FAN review site?

Trying to find a website dedicated to case fans (mostly) and have reviews made from a ton of fans with comparison charts that include most models. Preferably so you can unclick low performing fans from the chart and just view the ones you are interested in.

All I know about fans is CFM... and Static Pressure. Static Pressure is GENERALLY better for a fan that is sucking air in... and CFM for blowing out. But that depends on the location of the fan. e.g. A static pressure fan that is 2.3+ may not funnel the air in a straight line like the Silverstone 120mm Air Penetrator, but in theory look better. Altho it won't be on the front (bottom) socket where ppl have their harddrive bay followed by VGA card. However when you buy a fan for the side of your case, the airs travle distance is small and you are not aiming for a specific area so high CFM is better in that space. So picking the right fan can be tricky and looking at specs is only good to some extent.
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