GPU recommendation?


I currently have Q6600 with HD4850.

I was just going to upgrade GPU for Diablo 3 but I decided to upgrade my CPU MOBO and RAM first instead.

So now I am on very tight budget for GPU around 150-200.

Would I even need to upgrade my HD4850 for Diablo 3?
If so, what do GPU do you guys recommend that has 15-200 price tag?

Or should I save up until beginning of May for HD7850?

(I am not a big PC gamer and I am just willing to play Diablo 3, maybe WoW).

Thank you guys!
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  1. You will need to give us the information off your psu though so we can be sure you do not need a replacement to that as well.
  2. I'd wait, everything should be cheaper and if all your waiting is for Diablo 3 to ship and you have no other reason to upgrade, save up and get a decent system and don't compromise.
  3. What is your Power supply? At that budget a 6870 will be the best for you.
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