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I5 3750k gpu...

Last response: in CPUs
October 4, 2012 8:37:04 PM

I see that the i5 3750k cpu has a gpu that comes with it embedded. My question is what kind of games will it support while I get the extra $$ to buy a card suitable for this cpu?

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October 5, 2012 10:11:24 PM

You would be surprised the power of that built in HD 4000 graphics i know i was. While deciding on choosing a cpu my friend showed me his 3570k in action it ran dirt 3 with fairly playable frame rates now it was on low setting but still thats an achievement however anything more intense and your out of luck these days a graphics card is a must however if you dont intend on anything too intense it might get you through just dont expect to play at any sort of decent settings and any intense games (unfortunately the best ones nowdays) I say dust off the old morrowind box that will get you through untill you get your graphics card :) 
October 6, 2012 4:45:55 PM

As Sparky mentioned, you'll usually get playable framerates on the lowest settings (also depending on the resolution). Diablo 3 was benchmarked at 22-26 fps in High Details settings on a 1280x720 according to:

There are benchmarks of 4 others game on there as well to give you a better idea.

So if graphics do not matter to you I guess you can skip on it, or at least you can try running your games with the HD4000 and then upgrade to a GPU more suiting for your gaming experience if need be.