Blank screen while building new computer?

First off I'd like to say hi, my names michael and I am a new member to this form, and I would also like to state I have built many custom computers before, but this one I just cant seem to figure out.

I'm building a completely new HTPC set up (see specs below) and hooked everything up but all I'm getting is a blank, black screen. I can't use onboard video because it only works if you have a Clarkdale CPU. I've doubled and triple checked everything. Re-plugged in each wire individually, switched the RAM one at a time in each slot, and checked to make sure the CPU was in right. I honestly have no clue as to what can be wrong(I'm running VGA from the video card.) I checked the monitor, it's working. Everything boots up, fans turn on, led's turn on... but no video signal, not even the bios menu. Any suggestions? I'm going to check tomorrow to see if the video card will work on my friends mobo. Really could use any ideas at this point.

Motherboard: ECS H55H-M
CPU: INTEL CORE I3 540 3.06Ghz
Video Card: SAPPHIRE 100322L HD6450 1Gb
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  1. hey mike welcome to the forum. with new builds it can be as simple you forget to plug in the 4 pin atx cpu power that on most new mb. or with most new video cards you forget tot plug in the 6 or 8 pin power connector. also one of the woops now it making sure that intel cpu is line up right and is down tight. intel older cpu use to have a notch that told you where pin one was.
    the other woops is over tighting or missing a stand off and the mb shorting out to the mb tray. a lot of builder here will say for new builder to put the mb/cpu/video card on a bread box first to see that they get good post. then put everything in the case.
    i would see if you can get a cmos beep code (low level mb failure) removing the video card or ram. if the mb is posting with a speaker connected it should beep at you. if you get no beep then there a short or issuse with mb or cpu. on checking out your build see that the cmos reset jumper in the right spot and the power/reset and other front panel headers are on the right pins.
    the o ^%$$%^&& issues can be a small piece of foam or dirt in the pci or ram slots or a bent pin or the old i missed a pin on the power plug/floppy drive. I seen people miss whole row of pins on ide drives or bend on side or the other.
    the forehead hitting the work bench could be that the ram has not been tested to work with that mb. I look on ecs web page and your ram not listed.
  2. I've checked all those things you stated, have the 4 pin atx plugged in, the video card has to power connector needed, the cpu is in perfect, I have two extra stand off's for the motherboard that I'm using as well as the four main ones so that shouldn't be a problem, the mobo has no speaker on it or speaker plug in for it so i couldn't here any beeps, at least i dont here any right now, the ram seems to be fine from what I see, but yeah I dont see it on that list either but it meets the requirements easily, do you think that could be the problem? The ram?
  3. figured it out! plugged in my bodys psu and it worked! so I have to just replace the pwu now
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