Bottlenecking and future proof

Hi guys. I just ordered all my parts for my first gaming build. I know a fair bit about building pcs i just nerver got around to building one. The components ive chosen for my gaming build are..

Intel I5 3450
Sapphire Radeon HD 7850
Gigabyte GA-Z77-D3H
OCZ modextreme pro 600w
HAF 912 case
Corsair vengence 1600mhz 8g
Samsung 830 64g SSD
Seagate barracuda 7200rpm 1TB
asus dvd burner

My question is will the cpu ive chosen bottleneck me now or in the future as i might go crossfire with the 7850s later on. The reason i chose the 3450 over the 3570k is that i have no intention to overclock. and will this build be future proof for a good while anyway i think ive chosen my parts well but i thought i would get the advice from the guys who know what they are talking about. Thanks!
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  1. I am almost certain that future proofing is a marketing scheme, misnomer in most cases..

    Aside from that, your CPU is fine; it will not bottleneck anything unless you are a hard working workstation or working for a company that does cpu intensive programming or something... Not sure if it would bottleneck even then.

    Although if it's a Ivy Bridge that supports pcle 3.0 then you might as well get a motherboard that supports that too. More bandwidth for your graphics card isn't that useful yet, "but in the future it might be".

    Other than the motherboard, that is probably close to what I would want to buy, if I had the money...
  2. Thanks for the reply gave me a bit of a heart attack there as you are spot on right with the pci 3.0 point however after going back over my research i confirmed my motherboard does support pci express 3.0 thank god as its one of the main features i was looking for any experience with gigabyte motherboards? ive only worked with asus and asrock
  3. Nope But I found around 7 reviews searching: "gigabyte ga-z77-d3h review" (no quotations) on google

    Here's one:

    -blink- I like the youtube one
  4. Yeah thats the micro atx version of the board the one i went for was the full atx version interested to see the new 3d and the dual bios is nice to have incase i flash the crap out of it and it dies which i can see happening
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