Best gaming pc build under $1000

I'm Benji and i was wondering if you guys cud make a gaming PC build for me under my budget $1000 USD or $800 what ever has more bang for the buck please respond I'm purchasing this month hopefully.. thanks in advanced
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  1. also i will be playing minecraft mainy and also skyrim metro 2033, bf3....etc
  2. why haven't you guys been answering so speedy lately do i HAVE TO FIND ANOTHER WEBSITE BECAUSE YOU GUYS AREN'T ANSWRING
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    1. Fill this out:
    2. Lay off capslock. If no one answers by the next day, bump your post politely.
  4. whats bump and sorry i didnt honestly notice caps lock and thanks for answering
  5. Bump = Bring up my Post
    Posting again on your thread brings your post back to the top, so it doesn't lay forgotten and buried under a multitude of newer threads. It is not exclusive to Tomshardware and can be used in many forums. However, please don't abuse it.

    Fill out the link. It will help.
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  7. thank you so much moornix for the link but can you guys go to my new thread niklas_13 minecraft uses allot of ram so i need atleast 8gb and i dont already have an os so i need a 64 bit os but thanks for the comments guy please please go to my new thread and comment their
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