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I currently have an HP Pavillion P6000 series desktop with an Intel GMA x4500 integrated graphics card. My PC has a standard VGA 15-pin output, but I'd like to upgrade to an HDMI output. Do I need the x4500hd? Does anyone any guidance for me? How easy is this upgrade? I don't do a lot of computer work. Thanks!
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  1. In order to upgrade to an HDMI output, you will need to add a discreet graphics card and possibly a new power supply. Please post the exact model number of your computer and we'll see what we can come up with.

    -Wolf sends
  2. In order to add an HDMI port your going to need to get a dedicated graphics card. A decent basic graphics card starts at around $25-$40 and would be about 5 times more powerful then the intergrated graphics. I would recomend the AMD HD5450 for arond $30 or the 6450 for around $40.

    This one should work with all of the HP 6000series computers and it is on sale.

  3. Doing that kind of upgrade on a laptop is not easy business. First, it wont be easy to find a GPU for the laptop on the market (but not impossible. Second, if you do find one you must be sure it will fit inside the laptop housing with all covers on. Third, if your laptop only has a VGA port, you will have to cut a new hole for the HDMI port so you can have access to it. Not to mention powering the GPU, will your current PSU cover the power needs of the new setup?

    Your best bet would be something like this:
  4. the p6000 is a desktop right?
  5. Yes, If you google the HP p6000 it comes up as a desktop md. So Yes the best option is to get a dedicated GPU.
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