Converting 8-pin ATX 12V on PSU to 4-pin on CPU?

With this being the first time I've ever replaced a PSU, I stupidly purchased a PSU with an 8-pin ATX 12V, while the CPU port on my MB only has a 4-pin. Would it be safe to use a converter that converts the ATX 12V to a 4-pin (or a converter that converts the 4-pin CPU port to an 8-pin, whichever is best)? Does a converter of this nature even exist? If so, what's the best for my situation (tried doing a Google search but wanted to hear it from the experts first).

Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. What PSU did you purchase? Most PSU's nowadays have a 4+4 pin (meaning 4 of the 8 pins break away like the 20+4 on the motherboard connector).

    If you purchased something from the Corsair CX-XXX line, look carefully and you should see a line that splits the 4 pins in half.
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    Look at your 8-pin CPU connector again, you should see a line going down the middle (I can see it in the picture of the connectors, though very slight).

    If you can't find the split-point, you could always plug one half of the connector and let the other half stick out :) The holes are keyed so they can only go in one way!
  3. Excellent, I had no idea you could do that. Thanks a ton!
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  5. You're very welcome! :)
  6. Thanks so much mocchan. I was trying to figure out why my power supply only had an 8 pin. I read your answer and looked at my 8 pun connector carefully and saw that it had 2 Halves which would slide apart. I plugged one half into the cpu 4 pin female on the motherboard and presto!
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