Is my Video Card busted??

Hi guys I need your help please. My display freezes and my PC locks up while using Maya 2012. The screen also flickers with magenta, so I have to hard reset. I purchased an "EVGA 560 GTX 2gb" 4 months ago and never seen this happen with other videocards. Not sure what the problem is please see links.

Also this hasn't happened while playing games.

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  1. can you post your mb and power supply specs. it could be that your ps is not holding up to the video card when the card is stressed. I would power your pc down and reseat the video card and check that the fans is spinning and that there no cable blocking airflow to the gpu. i would check with speedfan or msi afterburned the speed of the gpu fan and the gpu temp. most vendors have drivers that if you do x the nthe fan speed will be set at x intill the gpu hits a set temp. with maya the fan may not be spinning up to full speed and your gpu over heating with afterburner try setting the speed at 100 persent...yes it be loud but you know it not the gpu over heating. also check the drivers your using. nvidia has come out with a lot of drivers this years there new ones 30x.xxs are for windows 8 and there newer video cards. you could have an issue with the drivers and maya.
    you might need to unistall and try one of the 186 or 189 drivers.
  2. Odd, it's a good graphics card. I would have to agree with the PSU or the drivers being a problem.
  3. Thanks guys. My mb is an Asus sabertooth and the ps is a Zalman 750w. So I should be ok with my current hardware. I'll try your other tips shortly.
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