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Help, system randomly crashes after installing new 7870

Ok, ever since I installed my new Radeon 7870, my system has been very unstable. I have been getting hard reboots where the screen will turn black and the PC will just restart. I am not even doing anything when this happens and am usually just browsing the internet. My display driver is also crashing frequentl without causing the system to reboot. I think the two are related because the screen goes black both times. When it powers off, there isn't even an event in the event log that details what caused the system to reboot!

I get the following three error events in chronological order when a reboot happens:

The previous system shutdown at 10:57:49 PM on ‎4/‎8/‎2012 was unexpected.

The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000117 (0xfffffa800eaa4010, 0xfffff880042acae4, 0x0000000000000000, 0x0000000000000000). A dump was saved in: C:\Windows\Minidump\040812-32588-01.dmp. Report Id: 040812-32588-01.

The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

My event log is plagued with the following warning event as well because my display driver will often just crash and the screen will go black and restart itself, without rebooting the PC:

Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

Ok my question is, did I get a dud for a card? Is this what happens when a video card is bad? I have the latest, version 12.3, drivers installed from the Sapphire website. I have tried clearing out my old drivers numerous times and reinstalling, but the problem keeps happening. I put the kilawatt on my outlet and was watching how much power was being drawn, and I am only seeing 150 watts on average during idling/internet browsing, and 260 watts (with a peak of 285) average when playing games. I have a 650 watt corsair power supply. It seems weird that my system is drawing such a little amount of power for having 5 hard drives, a DVD drive, a 7870, and an i7, but you never know if the power savings mode of either the CPU or video card is active at any time. I installed the card by plugging 2 6 pin connectors into the side of it, like I did with my 6870. Any help or experience with identifying the symptoms of a bad video card in windows 7 64 bit would be helpful! I don't see how this could be a driver issue only because of the hard reboot without logging an event. I don't even see how a bad driver could cause that, and I am sure everyone would be complaining about this. Please help if you can!

Thanks in advance!!!
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  1. Let me describe a little more what happens when the system restarts. The current image on one or both screens will either disappear, or it will get a bunch of black lines horizontally through it. The mouse will still be visible. Then a 1-2 seconds later, bam system restarts. I just disabled automatic restarting on major failures to actually maybe see a blue screen if it happens.

    Oh yes, and also forgot to mention the card is set to defaults in the CCC menu. At first, I thought overclocking was causing the issue. Then, I thought the problem was only happening when I was using FRAPS. Then, it happened 2 times today when doing nothing at all. This sucks...I keep writing long posts on forums and then bam...restart right in the middle of typing!
  2. This error 0X117 is TDR error and is very common after Windows Vista, which has introduced a new driver system.Please refer to: for TDR and error codes

    What I can suggest at this point is, uninstall ATI drivers. Open Device Manager and expand Display Adapter. Remove the display adapter, putting a checkmark in the box beside "Uninstall drivers for this card" and then reboot. Please note this is an imaginary removal of the display adapter, not a physical removal.

    After rebooting you can re-install the ATI drivers for your card. Install CCC 12.3, the latest CCC.
  3. But, I have done that so many times. As explained in my other post, I even did that and restarted, removed every folder named ATI or AMD, removed every registry setting with those names, redownloaded the drivers, reinstalling, and it's still happening. I've tried safe mode. I've tried multiple restarts in betweeen. My CCC says the following Version 2012.0309.43.976. Thanks for help!.
  4. K, it just happened again while I was browsing in firefox. I got the actual BSOD this time heh. The error code on screen was 116 and the failure point was atikmpag.sys. No error logged to the event log this time about the bugcheck. My event log overnight is plagued with Event ID 4101, which is the display driver not responding probably every time it tries to turn off the monitors. I came in to my computer having both screens at 1024x768 resolution this morning and had to change them back to their normal settings. Something is really screwed up lol.
  5. i had much the same thing with my 7970. i just went back to older drivers. i dont know if you have such an option. you might need to wait until the next release.
  6. Things to try:
    - BIOS update
    - run MEMTEST ( )
    - try that card in a different computer
    - get a SPARE drive and install Windows, MS updates, the main motherboard chipset driver, audio driver, and the latest video driver (if it works there you have a software issue in your current setup)

    - hardware issue with Power supply or motherboard (hard to check without replacing)
  7. Okay, this is a problem that is WAY easier to solve than what these guys are suggesting. Your computer is crashing, which means it's not being held in place well enough. This is a problem, especially since just wrapping it in bubble wrap will cause it to overheat, but there's a simple solution.
    Try just keeping it sitting on the ground near your desk. That should preventing it from crashing from wherever you have it now, you nut.
  8. stingstang said:
    Okay, this is a problem that is WAY easier to solve than what these guys are suggesting. Your computer is crashing, which means it's not being held in place well enough. This is a problem, especially since just wrapping it in bubble wrap will cause it to overheat, but there's a simple solution.
    Try just keeping it sitting on the ground near your desk. That should preventing it from crashing from wherever you have it now, you nut.

    Cute, lol.
  9. I can go to any drivers I want to.. as long as my PC will actually uninstall the old ones. I have no other PC to try this on as my old PC is an archaic P4 1.9 ghz. I do, however, have a windows XP partition that I can try using and seeing if I have the same problem or what. I will give that and your suggestions a shot.

    I just need to make sure this is an actual driver issue. I am nearing the end of my return period, so I really want to figure out if the card is bad before that happens so I can exchange it for a new one. This is really disappointing.
  10. Inconsistent problems like you describe can be extremely hard to track down just using the one computer. Without swapping out parts and waiting for the BSOD (or lack of) it could be pretty tricky to track it down. I know many vehicles are abandoned because no matter how many diagnosis/repairs are affected the vehicle will continue to show symptoms of the same problem.

    Here are some basic things you can do that require minimal effort and will give you a decent base of information to work with:

    1- If you have on board video then try connecting your monitor to the on board output and using your PC normally. If it never crashes while you browse and do what you can without much 3D graphical capability then you can be certain that the GPU is causing it.

    2- If it turns out not to be the GPU try swapping in your old hard drive from the P4 machine, I know that a hard drive can offer symptoms like what you describe if it suddenly stops being recognized by the motherboard.

    3- Run Memtest just to be sure that your RAM is not giving off occasionally errors that are crashing your system.

    If none of those measures prevent the random restarting then you can be fairly certain that either your motherboard or PSU is faulty, or that you have an exposed wire that may be shorting occasionally.(maybe a screw pinned under the mobo, or a pin slipped out of a Molex connector grounded against the case)
  11. K, so I tried installing and uninstalling old drivers, cleaning out the registry, folders, etc. and with no success, ended up back to the same point. I started realizing my PC started having the display driver would have soft crashes more when it went to sleep. So, I changed my time to sleep to 1 minute. Now that it sleeps more frequently, I am able to get a lot more soft crashes. I couldn't reproduce the issue then I started googling for it. Then, it started happening every time I walked away from the PC. Also, my PC often blue screened while writing replies to forum posts. So finally, I realized that FireFox is the culprit to all this crashing. I disabled hardware acceleration for FireFox and Flash. It stopped crashing now when it goes to sleep. So, I guess now I have to wait to see if it happens again now that the settings are disabled. God, these drivers from AMD are terrible. I will reply with more info as I find it.
  12. Please see areamike's post. It is very enlightening. I suggest you turn up the idle core and memory clock speeds to see if increasing idle clock speeds helps you, too.
  13. Ok, so I haven't had a single crash or even the "display driver stopped responding" error since I disabled hardware acceleration in both Firefox and Flash. Also, my games seem to be much smoother.

    How could Firefox be crashing my PC with that option being turned on? Is this a known issue or is it just me that is experiencing it? I am running FF 11.0. This is sooo weird. You'd think everyone would have this problem, but for some reason, only I am experiencing it. Any ideas?

  14. Drummer16161616 said:
    Ok, so I haven't had a single crash or even the "display driver stopped responding" error since I disabled hardware acceleration in both Firefox and Flash. Also, my games seem to be much smoother.

    How could Firefox be crashing my PC with that option being turned on? Is this a known issue or is it just me that is experiencing it? I am running FF 11.0. This is sooo weird. You'd think everyone would have this problem, but for some reason, only I am experiencing it. Any ideas?


    I wonder if you just saved me having to RMA my 7950. I am having exactly the same issue you are. I noticed that if im on my PC without a game open it will crash shortly after I open up firefox.

    but if I have a game open and use firefox it's fine.

    I just figured the card was bad, but I still wonder if I am having other issues because I have had other video related issues.
  15. Thank god, I am not the only one. I am glad I could help you at least...maybe more people will follow. This is the price of being an early adopter, sigh. I was about to RMA mine, too, just to be sure it wasn't the card. I am pretty much convinced now that this solved the issue. No more hard failures, no more display driver crashes. I don't get why it can't handle graphic acceleration on Firefox. It'd be interesting to see if all versions of FF have this issue with these drivers.

    Another irritating thing is I tried running this in my XP installation to see if it still had the issues and I got XP reinstalled and up to date and guess what, AMD doesn't have XP drivers for the 7000 series. That really irritated me. I corrupted my boot sector for both installs for nothing...
  16. first off if you use Dual moniters, you should try and run a game and then open up firefox. PC never crashes when a game is running. PC only crashes in FF when no game is present.

    What is that about... one thing that makes me wonder is if I need to up my Idle GPU clock, but I am not sure how? I know how to overclock but not set my Idle GPU clock.
  17. about the only difference I see in both of our descriptions is the fact that first off mine is generally like the following:

    When my PC crashes it freezes up a sec, then suddenly my right Monitor will get Black Vertical and Horizontal scrambled lines in it then it goes pure black, both monitors go black, come back for a sec... then BAMM BSOD, with it saying the Graphic display clock (or processor) has shut down and could not be recovered.

    this only happens when I am just randomly browsing on firefox
  18. That's exactly what mine does when it BSODs, exactly. I didn't notice that mine BSODs if I am in a game or not. Come to think of it, it never BSODed when I had a game open. I think you might be right, because when I am in a game my display driver crashes when my PC would go to sleep (and by sleep I mean the power setting to turn off monitors) and I had firefox open, HOWEVER, the display driver would recover and I wouldn't BSOD. Otherwise, while no game is open, it blue screens randomly without regard to sleeping or not. The game I was playing has compatibility options set to disable visual themes and animations, so basically when I start the game, it stops using aero. That's a description of all my problems with the card, and it seems to match up to yours, except for the turning off monitors part. Now, I am not getting any problems at all with those options not checked in FireFox.

    What do you make of this? I am concerned that we are the only people having this issue. If it was truly only a driver issue, we wouldn't be the only two people complaining about it. Yes, when you are in a game your GPU clock goes full speed, but what's weird is I didn't notice a difference with respect to this issue when I was playing with the overdrive settings. In the old drivers 11.X, I knew if you changed the clock speed of the card, it would bump up the idle clock, but that doesn't seem to be the case anymore. I'm thinking there may be something wrong with our cards at lower clock speeds? I mean, really, how many people use firefox, windows 7, and the new 7000 series? These two settings are the DEFAULTS for firefox, so either our hardware is bad or something else is at play here.
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    I am chalking it up to bad hardware honestly, I tried your fix last night with no resolve... so I am continuing my RMA claim it's going out in the mail tomorrow. I would suggest you do the same.
  20. Well, mines not at the point of needing an RMA and I am just wondering at this point if I should buy a new one from Amazon and return this one after I get the new one. The worst that could happen is that I wind up with the same issue and then I'll know for sure it's my messed up drivers. I would hate to have to do an RMA process where I have to pay for shipping and deal with AMD. Maybe, I'll buy a different one than Sapphire this time hrmmm.
  21. Yea, I definitely need to exchange it at this point. I removed EVERY freakin driver on my PC with driver sweeper, every file with AMD or ATI in it, and everything else that could have had an effect on this. I watched every file disappear before I reinstalled. Sure enough, I turned that option "Use hardware acceleration when available" in FF on and bam, blue screened. So lame!
  22. I am constantly telling you to increase idle clock speeds to 400/900 to avoid TDR issues. But you are not listening.
  23. As an FYI, I am experiencing the same issue as others here but with a slight twist: I don't game or use FF and the cards were installed on a new system with a fresh install of Windows. The only thing I can tell that's different from my setup is I have three monitors and two 7870s (XFX) in my system and the crashing only occurs when I have all three connected. If two are connected then everything runs perfectly stable.

    I did the suggestion for increasing idle clock speeds in the XML file, but I can't see where it shows what my idle speeds are in CCC to confirm everything took. Every time I select the preset I created it removes the check next to "Enable Graphics OverDrive" so I assume it's loading something, but I can't tell what. Assuming everything remains stable tonight, I'll try the third monitor again tomorrow and see how it fairs with the new profile though.

    I also have a ticket opened with XFX since I've read elsewhere that the 12.3 drivers themselves are to blame and the 12.4 ones should resolve this for those of us with multi-monitor setups.
  24. The 6870's have the same issue, and it also happens with Chrome.
  25. farrengottu said:
    i had much the same thing with my 7970. i just went back to older drivers. i dont know if you have such an option. you might need to wait until the next release.

    Are you saying that since his 7870 is a new release and has only 1 driver version, that he should wait until a new driver out so he can roll back to older driver which is the current driver!? Nice solution.
  26. Looks like the idle timeout changes didn't work for me either. My system was stable for over an hour and a half with the three monitors the last time I had checked, but I walked into my office today and was greeted with a BSOD (same one as before). If XFX recommends anything different, I'll pass it on!
  27. Guys, my exchanged card just came. I no longer experience the crashing with the new card. It is the exact same Sapphire OC 7870 model. I experienced a crash during diablo 3 last night. Today, I pulled out the card and put the new one in and so far haven't had one crash where normally I would have had 10 by now. I didn't touch the drivers between cards or anything. So, thanks for all who replied but the guy who told me to RMA the card gave the best advice.

    I tooollldd you guys it wasn't drivers lol. That card was messed up. It's on it's way back to amazon. Hopefully, they don't test it, think nothing's wrong with it, and resell it to someone else lol.
  28. Best answer selected by Drummer16161616.
  29. I just tried overclocking it to 1100 mhz and 1275mhz mem and I got the display driver to crash when it went to sleep one time out of 30 tries. Not sure if it was due to instability or not. I stopped overclocking it and will see if that happens again. Used to happen regardless of clock speed. I think these drivers just suck. As long as I am not blue screening or having my games crash and the screen going black with terrible noise coming out of my speakers, I don't care. I will post more in a few days and let everyone know if anything happens to maybe help others who stumble across this thread. Thanks all for the replies!
  30. suat said:
    Please see areamike's post. It is very enlightening. I suggest you turn up the idle core and memory clock speeds to see if increasing idle clock speeds helps you, too.

    I tried your suggested speeds there and I get a TDR EVERY time doing that. Here's my file BEFORE doing your changes. Also, I saw the clock go up to 1050mhz when my computer resumed from sleep mode after your changes, which I am not sure if that was supposed to happen or not.

    <Feature name="CoreClockTarget_PCI_VEN_1002&DEV_6818&SUBSYS_E217174B&REV_00_4&2ABA1BF6&0&0018A">
    <Property name="Want_0" value="30000" />
    <Property name="Want_1" value="106000" />
    <Feature name="PowerControl_PCI_VEN_1002&DEV_6818&SUBSYS_E217174B&REV_00_4&2ABA1BF6&0&0018A">
    <Property name="Want" value="0" />
    <Feature name="MemoryClockTarget_PCI_VEN_1002&DEV_6818&SUBSYS_E217174B&REV_00_4&2ABA1BF6&0&0018A">
    <Property name="Want_0" value="15000" />
    <Property name="Want_1" value="127500" />
  31. Sorry, gotta add one more thing here. I don't think it's the idle speed causing the issue for me anyways. I am now watching what happens with the clock speed when I have hardware acceleration turned on in firefox. Basically, it keeps flipping between 450mhz to 1050mhz then back to 450mhz just periodically when I am using firefox. So, something is wrong with the drivers not being able to handle this constant flipping. The problem seems to happen, for me at least, when the clock speed jumps to 1050mhz randomly.

    Ok, so I recently stumbled across the Catalyst 12.4 Beta drivers. My card now actually respects the clock speeds I am setting, and it changed the default clock speed from 450mhz to 400mhz, which seems promising to help with the issues. I read that other people with 7870s were having success with these drivers eliminating their constant display driver crashes. If anyone is having problems and wants to try them out, they can be found here:

    Ok, now I have REALLY isolated the problem. This is official. So, when I have flash set to "Use hardware acceleration" it actually commandeers my graphics card settings. So, I have AMD overdrive turned on. My clock speeds are 400mhz idle and 1100 mhz under load for the core and 1280mhz for memory when firefox wasn't open. Now, as soon as I opened a youtube video, my clock speeds reverted to 450 mhz when idle and 1050mhz under load regardless of me having AMD overdrive on. This is when my PC has display driver crashes. My overdrive settings would not stick and it was driving me crazy. So I noticed when I closed firefox, they reverted to the 400/1000 and 1280 numbers. I was like wtf is going on. I disabled hardware acceleration under the settings tab for flash, and sure enough, the clock speeds went back to what they were supposed to! So for everyone having display driver crashes, turn off that flash setting!!!
  33. awesome, I will have to check that out when I get my card back.

    SO basically are you saying even after getting your new card you are still having issues with Hardware acceleration?
  34. oh one thing I did want to add to your statement is that I did turn off hardware acceleration in both flash and FF and it didn't fix my problem. That is when I sent back my card.

    I just hope that this is fixed in general so that this doesn't happen anymore.
  35. Yea, I even have the 12.4 drivers, too, and I am still getting these weird issues, albeit much less frequently. I just need to make sure all other apps besides my games don't have hardware acceleration on. At least my clock speeds are at the right levels now, I can't believe Flash took them over and overrode my OC settings. That is freakin nuts.

    I am sorry to hear about yours not working. When do you get your new card?
  36. I'm having the same problem but on xp and a 7750
    I installed a new 7750 with a i3 2100
    And my pc froze 3 times, on a fresh xp install.
    while gaming, while using Firefox, and even on on booting
    the pc freezes for seconds and then , black screen.
    Today it has happened 2 times already
    One in the desktop and the other while playing arx fatalis.
    It freezes and then black screen on my monitor and i have to reset the pc.

    I'm going to install windows 7 and see if i have the same problems,
    This is my first new egg buy, i hope i don't have a bad card.
    BTW could this be driver related?
  37. I believe XP support for 7xxx series card is offered only with CCC 12.4 drivers, which have been released only recently. You should install these new drivers immediately if you have not done so, yet.
  38. One thing I just got to thinking about, that I am surprised I never put 2 and 2 together yet.

    Since I have owned the card I was using MSI afterburner to OC my card and well manage it's settings in general. I was having Zero problems at that time.

    I then downloaded 12.3 and decided to give CCC another shot. it wasn't till shortly after that I started having more crashes, I somewhat thought it was because I still had MSI afterburner installed so I uninstalled it. and then got stuck on the fact it was FF or, drivers in general.... I can't believe that I didn't think that the posibility could completely lie within CCC it's self. has anyone else tested this theory and tried to uninstall CCC with recent drivers and utilize only MSI afterburner to manage your card. I can't till I get my card back, which according to Gigabyte can take up to 2-3 weeks turn around, I am simply resigning to the fact I may not have it till like May 15th timeframe (just intime for D3) which is honestly hopefully my goal.

    Long story short, Drummer, or even Delukard, give it a shot for a few days if you can for me and try out MSI afterburner. I'm telling you, I don't remember my system ever crashing with MSI afterburner, I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner.
  39. Are you talking about using afterburner only for the OC settings, or completely in place of CCC? If we use it in place of CCC, don't we lose the ability to tweak the 3d settings like AA, AF, texture filtering, etc? I installed afterburner recently and played around with changing the OC settings, then uninstalled it lol. That was because my OC settings wouldn't stick and it was because of Flash's hardware acceleration. I was going nuts trying afterburner, trixx, etc. and none would change my settings, so now that I have it figured out, I will give afterburner another shot if you say that it has all the settings of CCC.

    suat, thanks for the heads up about the official release of the 12.4 drivers. I can't wait to see if they resolve any of these issues!
  40. Great, the 12.4 drivers seem a little more stable but they half the performance of my games UNTIL I alt-tab the game and then reopen it again. That really gets annoying to have to do. Even then, the 12.4 beta drivers had better performance. I don't get it...does AMD even test their drivers? Ever?

    Does anyone know a comparable Nvidia card to the 7870? I am getting sick of this...
  41. a cheap 580 or 570 may do the trick or wait till the 670 comes out (if it hasn't, haven't followed up on NVIDIA recently.)
  42. I honestly think the same thing, I was on the verge of waiting for the Nvidia series when I bought my AMD.... I almost regret not waiting now...

    One thing is certain... this is going to be my last AMD purchase... you can mark my word
  43. perkynips said:
    I honestly think the same thing, I was on the verge of waiting for the Nvidia series when I bought my AMD.... I almost regret not waiting now...

    One thing is certain... this is going to be my last AMD purchase... you can mark my word

    Yea, I am thinking the same thing. I really am getting sick of this. I went so far as to install a fresh version of Windows 7 on another partition on my computer with nothing installed except the essentials, and guess what, I still get the crashes and slowdown with the new 12.4 drivers. This is completely unacceptable. Do they even test their damn drivers? Do they even see the community complaining?

    I have always had problems with AMD cards, too. I can't believe I decided to buy another one, but it was the best bang for my buck at the current time. I like the sound of a 580 GTX, and it's getting really tempting to buy it or wait for the 670 like you mentioned. Also, I think a bunch of people are having these issues. I keep searching for information regarding the topic, and this post is coming up first on Google for various searches.
  44. You are making me sad I haven't gotten my 7950 back yet and I am afraid too.... I may just sell it on Ebay and take the loss and spend some more money to buy an NVIDIA.... im about done with this.

    Too late to get my money back.
  45. Well, remember this is the worst it's going to be. It will get better over time, and things will get stable. This is the price we pay for being early adopters.

    It was nice to see that I downloaded Unigine 3.0 and was able to get a score of 1485 on my system with my card overclocked to 1190/1400 with no cooling whatsoever. That was with having the settings the same as the benchmarking site that got a 1301 for the score. I did the test like 3 times and just left it open and nothing crashed.

    I had to go back to the beta 12.4 drivers which have issues, but it's better than having to deal with below normal performance. At least I am confident in saying that these issues are definitely driver related.

    I can still return mine for like 20 more days so I am debating what to do. You at least have a faster card than me, lucky you! That new 690GTX looks pretty sweet, but I don't know who is baller enough to spend $1000 on a video card.
  46. I am gonna go crazy with these drivers. I realized that I was doing so well with the 12.4 beta drivers because my textures were all low res. The games looked like crap until I upgraded to 12.4. I noticed this because I saw a huge difference in image quality between my one windows 7 install running 12.4 beta and the other running 12.4. So, now I am on 12.4, I am sitting here watching the clock speeds of the card. I just had it stick to 400mhz for the core and I couldn't get it to go up from there when starting a game. So the game performance was pitiful. I had to turn on AMD overdrive to make it "unstick" from that frequency. I am also watching the GPU usage, and when I first start up a game it's using 99% GPU usage and get shitty framerate. Once I alt-tab, the framerate is fine and the GPU usage goes down to like 60%. It was weird because the symptom was similar to when the GPU was stuck at 400mhz. The games were getting poor performance and using 99% GPU, however, in the case when I first start up the game it says it's at the correct frequency. I am so confused how every single person running these drivers in windows 7 64-bit is not having this problem.

    I created a profile and set it to always be at 1100mhz. It still was having the poor performance until alt-tabbing. I am also still getting blue screens and I am having additional problems with games just freezing and my entire computer has to be restarted. I've been monitoring tempuratures and everything and it hasn't gone above 72 degrees. I don't get how, even if I am overclocking it, that the GPU can just freeze in games like that. It's happened probably 10 times now on various games. I run benchmarking programs like unigine and fumark, and the GPU is stable in both of those at the clock speeds. Yet, in games it just totally freezes randomly.

    Perkynips, I should try the afterburner suggestion you had. I don't get how it can fix any of these driver related issues, though. I am going to go crazy. NEVER AGAIN will I buy an AMD card, my god.
  47. Hmm... I was about to RMA mine, but after seeing this, I think I'll sell it when the lower end NVIDIAs are out since amd will never support opengl properly anyways.

    Did you have any horizontal screen flickers or short black outs?
  48. I should get my card back this week and it's going to be the first thing I try.... the reason I still think afterburner will be better is that CCC has alot to do with Clock speeds and such... which is why I think you are having some of the issues with your clocks maintaining speeds at times.
  49. The horizontal screen flickers you are probably referring too is a well known AMD thing, I am not sure if they even consider it a problem per say.

    is it when you start a youtube video or go to some certain websites that it does it? if so thats common....

    the short blackouts, did you get them and then get a little bubble to pop up on your startmenu that says that your ATI driver has stopped responding and has recovered etc etc...
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