What guides should I read to prepare/build?

Parts are on the way, and while I have a solid on the basics I am going to want a guide to follow along with as I prep components. i do plan on setting up the build outside of the case first (helps that the case arrives a day later), and then moving inside once I have ascertained everything works.

But there are a bunch of guides I've seen, and a few have pointed themselves out to be bad advice within a line or two. I hunted here on the forums, but it tends to be a bit more specific issues addressed (and two hours later I realize Ive been reading a thread about parts I'll never own). Are there any good guides that will tell me where to start. What to power first, what to beware of, should I install the OS while the setup is out of the case, ect.

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  2. Facepalm. Thanks, missed that.
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