HD 5770 No display.

Hello guys.
I recently updated my gpu from gt 9500 to HD 5770, but the first time I connected it, it won't give me a display.. instead an orange light flashes at my monitor. While it was running I heard the windows chime so I switched the cable from the card to the mobo and it showed a display. I haven't installed any driver or anything. What could be the problem? I placed my 9500 GT back and it worked perfectly.

My mobo is G31T-M7 running a Dual core processor.
I have HEC Raptor R500 (500W) Power supply.

Help me please :(

Thanks !
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  1. Does the card work in another computer?
  2. I can suggest you uninstall 9500GT drivers first while the card is in the case. Then go to Device Manager and uninstall the card there, too, ticking Remove drivers for this card.

    After performing the above steps, shut down your computer. Remove power completely. Discharge static electricity from your body before touching anything in the case.

    Open case cover. Remove 9500GT. İnstall HD5770 and seat it firmly. Connect 6-pin PCIe power cable to HD5770.

    Connect all cables to your case and monitor cable to HD5770. Fire up your computer and now see if you have graphics output to the monitor.

    Hope this helps.
  3. with some video cards and mother boards the new video card will become monitor #2 and the onboard chipset the main monitor. intill you load the drivers for the video card and reboot or sometime you have to go into the bios and change from onboard video to pci video as the first device. some mb vendor also let you turn off the onboard video.
  4. Thanks guys for all the answers. I finally got it to work by resetting BIOS settings :).
    I wasn't able to try the steps you provided because I was out for a vacation, but thanks so much and I really appreciate it . ^^
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