Applied new thermal and CPU is overheating

Hello everyone, new here and thought I ask a question.

I just applied a new thermal paste or my laptop processor/ gpu/ cpu. Arctic Silver 5 + ArcticClean, a 2 Process cleaning solution that came with it.

After I cleaned, and applied new thermal my GPU temp went down from 55C or 45-49C during peak usage. However, my CPU is still overheating, sometimes I am just sitting here and it gets so hot it turns off.

I live in a extremely hot area, but I have a cooling pad under the laptop that I bought for 50bucks, it does wonders. & Also have a fan blowing air into the air vent where it sucks in air. This doesn't seem to help that much since it still overheats.

Anything I can do to cool down the CPU?

I've checked out all power options and they seem to adjust only the GPU temp.
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  1. Was it overheating before you applied the thermal paste?
  2. ^ This

    I would also check your heatsink to see if there's any dust build up... I remember taking apart a friends laptop earlier this year and my goodness....HOLY MOTHER OF DUST BUNNIES is all I can say to describe :lol:

    Temps went down by around 10-15C afterwards on her i3 :)
  3. It was. Even with new thermal, the temperature never changed by THAT much. :/ It is painful to see my laptop just skyrocketing in temperature.
  4. Dust bunnies is probably your answer then ;)
  5. Two things I can think of since you've done everything that can be reasonably expected:

    Confirm that the internal cooling fan is really spinning all the time that it needs to be. A failing fan may stop/start/stop on its own.

    Check the BIOS for the thermal shutdown temperature. Confirm that your setting matches the recommended for your model of laptop.

    Hope you get it solved.
  6. ^ Another plausible factor giving OP headaches.

    However, I would really like OP to give a look at his heatsink. More than likely, that is the issue as he said he experienced overheating problems even before replacing the thermal compound.
  7. So! I went about and REPLIED the thermal paste

    This time!

    I cleaned everything again with the ArcticCleaner, both surfaces and sprayed everything with dustoff... making sure no bunnies.

    Just put back my laptop and BOOM, the temperature for all dropped by 5-7 DEGREES! :D

    So I am guessing it could had been bunnies!

    Now I am at 50C and less for all.

    Thanks guys for the responses!
  8. You're very welcome! Glad to know you got the issue fixed :)
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