Thermaltake Smart 630 & Berlin 630 ??difference??


I've searched for numerous tests and reviews trying to figure out what is the difference between these two PSU types in the same brand. Even their interior seems to be the same according to this page:
There's a big difference between their price but not sure if there's also one in their quality. The "Berlin" version really caught my eyes for its very low price and still pretty big output (540W and 45A on +12V rail). The situation is almost the same with two weaker ones, the Smart 530 and the Hamburg 530.
So briefly again the PSUs are:
- Smart 630 and 630 W0393RE "Berlin"
- Smart 530 and 530 W0392RE "Hamburg"

Could somebody please help me?
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  1. niether. some like crappy units

    get this
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