What would you recommend for a first timer build

(hope this is technically right section) but im a first time builder about to order my parts for the desktop but i need some advice im kinda new to pc gaming aswell (obviously) and i needed a good opinion on good parts but id like to keep it cheap but spend a little more if i have to, so far i have found these:

Mobo- MSI AMD 9 series AM3+
CPU- AMD phenom X6
RAM- 8 gb crucial (2 x4gb)
GPU- (undecided ,depending) but i was thinking amd sapphire radeon 5450
PSU- 500 w coolmax
optical drive with dvd/rw+
500 gb hdd

once again i am new can you guys give me some advice for better specs for a game like minecraft(mainly minecraft) that will run fairly smoothly,

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