Need help w/ Random Freezing

My computer has, only recently, begun to freeze randomly (cannot ctrl+alt+delete or anything, hard reboot needed). The first time it happened was playing Diablo 3 early last week. Ever since this first freeze, it has continued... it always happens in game, but has also happened frequently on the desktop or Windows log-in screen (most often directly on a reboot after freezing in game). Here are some details:

Key Computer Specs (built July 2010)
Intel i7-930 w/ TRUE Rev. C (OC'd to 3.8GHz @ 181x21)
Asus P6T Motherboard
12GB (6x2GB) OCZ Gold DDR-1600 ram (originally only 6 GB, but added 3 more sticks ~ Sept. 2011)
Crucial 128 GB m4 SSD (upgraded from HDD ~ Feb. 2012, HDD now secondary drive)
EVGA GTX 580 (upgraded from Sapphire HD 5850 ~ Sept. 2011)
Corsair HX850W PSU

As you can see, I have changed nothing regarding the hardware in the last few months (last thing was SSD), and my computer had been running completely stable until last week. I also don't recall having installed updates or anything recently.

Actions I have taken since freezing started:
Full uninstall and reinstall of updated video card drivers
Update of SSD to latest firmware
Ran memtest86+ for 12 hours (no errors)
Ran CCleaner, virus scans, checked secondary HDD for errors (no errors)
Restore stock settings in BIOS
Reformatted/reinstalled Windows 7

After all of this (the last being the reformat), I have froze once in the same manner (have not re-DLed games and tried in game). I froze while running the Windows Experience Index, specifically during a test regarding my video card (which had scores of 1 post-reformat instead of 7.8 like everything else). Given this, and the freezing while in-game before, I tend to think now that this is video card related... what are people's thoughts?

Do you think it is the video card? It's less than 10 months old and has been running stable until the last couple weeks though. Would just re-seating maybe do anything?

Or do you think it might be something else still? I've tried so many things already... I just don't understand what may have changed recently to all of a sudden cause this freezing...
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