Graphics card switch off by itself before booting

I did not find any other place to post technical issues so I am asking the community through this forum, since my GPU is point out some sort of problem.

I got myself a month ago a new pc and one week ago it just would't boot, and by that I mean it wouldn't even get to the MOBO Bios screen. I boxed it and took it to the store I bought it for maintenance, but when it got there it just worked. False alarm? don't think so, since a couple of minutes ago I tried to turn it on and it would just restart by itself.

the GPU is a Gigabyte gtx 570 SOC which come with some leds on the power supply each of them indicating the GPU power supply channel. these leds are on for a few seconds and then swich off, but the motherboard and everything keeps running, no image is shown, nothing. Then the computer restarts without giving me any beep, nothing.

Last night it was ok, now it is just torturing me...

I need some brainstorming to troubleshoot this problem!
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  1. What is your power supply? Did you plug BOTH power connectors to your graphics card from your power supply like this?
  2. both are connected. nothing has changed since yesterday, just turned it off and went to bed.

    tried to turn it on again, now before the GPU switched off, the MOBO gave me 3 beeps. which are indicators of memory problem. Thing is my memory passed 3 times the MemTest86+ so I am still thinking it is something with my home's electrical setup.
  3. So what's your power supply?
  4. To be completely sure, can you try the GPU on other sistem? Just to check the GPU isnt dead. Plus you can try in other PCI-E.
  5. jeez. let it rest for one hour and it turned on just fine

    i got a corsair 850w (non modular). not sure of the exact number of the power supply. this is very weird!
  6. Corsair TX850. I am sending it back to the store to get the power supply tested. F***
  7. Do you have access to one of those testers with LEDs to make sure your power outlet is wired properly?
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