Hd 6670 is compitable with intex cabinet with bundled psu 450w?

i am looking for buy HD 6670 graphic card for my system. please suggest HD 6670 is compitable or not.

my computer specification

Intel core 2 duo e 7500 @ 2.93 GHz

gigabyte g31 m es2l

Samsung 20 inch LCD monitor

4 GB ram

one 500 GB hard disk

one DVD writer Sony

intex cabinet with power supply 450 w

i m worry about my power supply . it a local brand and some information written here as

power supply smart it-2045s+


450 watt

20+4 pin;1SATA:3HDD:1FDD:1FAN


DC OUTPUT +3.3V:30A +5V:29A +12V:18A -12V:0.5A +5VSB:2A
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  1. I think you will able to run that card.. But your psu wont let you to upgrade anything further..
  2. Intex is a generic PSU brand and it can't be much trusted.
    It delivers 18A on the single +12V rail, which looks okay.
    Also, you have a G31 chipset which has a PCIe 1.0 slot for the GPU. Since the HD 6670 is a PCIe 2.1 card, it may have some issues with compatibility. A BIOS update could fix it, but it doesn't always do the trick.
  3. I just checked Gigabyte's website, looks like it could be compatible, but do note that there would be a limiting bandwidth, so the HD 6670 wouldn't be running at it's maximum potential.
    Assuming that is your motherboard.
    But firstly, do check the version of BIOS that you are currently running.
  4. thanx guy for your valuable iinformation.. so which graphic card should be best for g31 chipset..pls suggest.
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