First Build "Gaming"

Approximate Purchase Date: Piecing it together within the next month or two

Budget Range: 2000

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming

Parts Not Required: Speakers,Keyboard,Mouse

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg

Parts Preferences: Intel

Overclocking: Yes

SLI or Crossfire: SLI eventually

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Hey Everyone,

First time poster, long time reader here.
This my first build ever and i'm just looking for any help or suggestions along the way.
I already have a PC in which i use for browsing the net,work, etc.. so this build will be strictly gaming.

Thanks for the help =)

This is the wishlist I made on newegg of the new build.
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  1. your rig looks nice but i would suggest the following changes-
    HAF X is cool but it's not a wise decision to spend $190 on a case.i would suggest a cheaper but good case.if you want a full tower than nzxt phantom is a great buy-
    it's a newegg exclusive version and looks really awesome.
    HX 750 is made by CWT not Seasonic.i would suggest a seasonic unit,some thing like this-
    for $60,it's FREAKIN STEAL
    sorry for the over is modular,80+ bronze and more than enough to run a rig with 670 SLi and overclocks.
    for gaming,i5>i7.3570k is good-
    16GB is way overkill for gaming,8GB is more than enough-
    why spend so much 1TB when you can have a fairly fast 2TB for less-
    for gpu,go with Asus DCII gtx 670-
    custom asus cooler provides a lot of overclocking potential.take a look here-
    it receives a solid 10
    $2k build and no SSD??
    let me help you-
    SSD is a super fast version of hard drive.loading times are crazily short.
    Mushkin Enhanced Chronos 240GB ssd is a great deal for it's price-
    for cooler 212+ is good but something better from cooler master is out.i would suggest going with hyper 612 pwm,it's quieter(PWM fan),cools better and overall a better performer-
    add this nzxt 200mm fan on top of your phantom for better ventilation-
    now your build looks astonishing.good luck with your rig and enjoy ;)
  2. I say keep the HAF X, you are well under budget and it is a great case so no need to cut there.

    16GB of RAM is pointless for gaming, you will never need more than 8GB.

    The i7 is also pointless for gaming, an i5 3570k is better for your needs.

    I would get an 80+ silver power supply, but that 750w Hellfire found is a steal, get that one if its still around by the time you buy. If its gone, I'd suggest this one.

    You will want the Hyper 212 EVO instead of Plus. Better baseplate leads to significantly better idle temps and decent improvement in load temps.

    Where is your SSD? You will definitely want one for the better boot and loading times. Crucial M4 is the standard though I personally own a Vertex 4 and had no problems so far.
    With the amount of cash you have left, Id get at least 128GB if not more.

    Why a stock cooled GTX670? You can get a better overclock on non reference coolers. Only $20 more.

    That hard drive is way too expensive, I'd expect that kind of price on a Velociraptor HDD. Seagate Barracuda 1TB 7200RPM 64MB cache drives are only $100 and better specs.
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