PC doesnt turn on with the same video card

Hey guys.

I'm having a problem that doesn't make any sense (for me). I never saw this before.
Yesterday I was playing Mass Effect 1 in my computer, it was working perfectly, but then it began lagging (a lot!). This happened with other games before and happened to my friend too.

He said that his video card cooler stopped working. I checked mine, and...he was right.
So, I removed the video card, removed the cooler, cleaned, put it on again, turned on the PC and nothing happened. Then, I removed the cooler and turned on the PC, and nothing happened. Now, my computer just turns on with the onboard video card.

What I mean by "doesn't turn on":
I can't enter on BIOS, I can't do nothing. The monitor stays blank. The PC doesn't beep, the lights doesnt turn on. The motherboard turns on (the inside light is on).

I found other topics on the web talking about changing video card, but it's the same video card! It doesn't make sense.

When I plug on onboard works perfectly (I am on onboard now).

My motherboard is an ASUS M2N68-AM SE2
and my video card is an nvidia 9400 GT.

Sorry for english errors, and please guys, help me, I'm exhausted, I can't figure this out alone.
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  1. when trying to boot with dedicated card does the fans spin up? have you checked the power cable going to the card?
  2. Thanks for answering alvine.

    I really don't know what you mean by booting with dedicated card (is this the onboard card?), if not, how can I do it?

    When I boot with the onboard card, everything works fine, the fans spin up, the lights turn on, I can enter on windows....

    But when my video card is plugged, even if the cable is connected on the onboard...nothing happens.

    When you say power cable, is a cable from the font? The nvidia 9400 doesn't seem to have one ( I don't have a clue how the new models are).

    I tried to activate plug and play in the BIOS, while connected throught the onboard, then I turned the PC off and turned it on again with the video card, but nothing happened.
  3. So to sum up you had a working card with a fan that didn't work properly, this would cause the card to over heat and start cutting out which you would have seen as lagging.
    If you have been running like this for a long time than you would have done the card no good as heat will eventually kill any card.

    The fact that it was working before you removed and cleaned it strongly suggests that you have damaged the card when cleaning it.

    However try this if you have not done so. while you are using the on board GPU Uninstall the drivers for the card.
    Reboot the computer after you have done so and make sure they have been deleted.
    Then shut down and reinstall the card. With luck the machine may now see it as new hardware.

    Mactronix :)
  4. it could be that you forgot to plug in the power to your video card.
    also try to remove the cooler and plug back on the video card without it is NOT a good idea.
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