A word of warning on the Dell U2711

I just got the U2711 over the weekend, and after a few days of testing I have to say I'm fairly disappointed.

Games and movies look great, as do photos, but when viewing whites and grays the anti-glare coating is is pretty bad. I did my research before hand and saw that on numerous forums people complained about the AG coating; however, pretty much every professional review of the monitor I saw gave it a great review. I was under the assumption that people were exaggerating about the coating but I have to say that I do notice it and now find it a distracting. Reviews rave about color accuracy but whites clearly have a "sparkle" to them (you have to see it up close to understand). I don't know how the reviewers failed to mention this.

If you are mainly going to game or watch hi-def movies you will probably be very happy with the performance, but if you are like me, and use it for a variety of purposes including work and photo editing, you may want to reconsider or at least check out the monitor in person.

It's really pretty frustrating because everything else about the monitor is great: the connection options, height adjustment, etc. I'm considering sending it back as I still have a week.
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  1. Sorry, just realized I posted this in an inappropriate area.

    Will re-post in"Flat Panel Monitors" forum.
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