Keyboard Randomly stops responding.

So, one day my keyboard randomly stopped typing stuff and when i pressed a letter it opened up random stuff and made beeping noises. It has happened almost 10 times now and the only way to fix it is to restart my computer or sign out and in to windows. Can anybody please help? Thanks :wahoo:
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  1. Test your keyboard out on a different system just to make sure its not shot. If it works fine, try plugging it in a different usb port in your system (assuming its a usb keyboard as with most keyboard nowadays) and see if it happens again. If it happens again, then you may have a bigger problem than just your keyboard.
  2. Is keyboard wired, or wireless?
    Does the key board use batteries, if so have you tried new batteries?
    As l0v3rboi indicated, try in a 2nd system.
    Check all keys on keyboard for a possible stuck Key.

    keyboard was not thirsty and you poured coke to quinch thirst - Just kidding- LOL.

    I have a wireless Keyboard that acts up occassionally, it the USB reciever not fitting tight in the USB socket.
  3. It is wireless and I have replaced the batteries but that is not what is the problem, the keyboard works, its just that it randomly starts acting like it is pressing alt, shift, control, and every function button in when i press a letter, idk what it is, it's not the usb receiver because the keyboard does work.
  4. Look it up online if it is a model-specific issue. Maybe you will find a solution there. Maybe its a compatibility issue with your OS which the manufacturer has addressed. Worst comes to worst, try reformatting your OS and see if that solves the issue.
  5. ?? Could it be a virus??
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