I5 2500k one core High Usage

Hi guys :hello:

When I watch videos, play on facebook, the usage of 3 core increases to 80% - 90%. I think this is not normal.

Do you have any idea what is happening and how can i fix it?

thanks a lot.

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  1. Does it noticeably slow down your computer? Or give worrying higher temps?
  2. I noticed when the 3º core increases to 90% - 100% there is loss of performance, sometimes firefox freezes for a few seconds.

    Temps of all cores are normally 31 to 40
  3. Unfortunately I personally have no idea what is going on, but since it is causing freezes it is definitely a problem xO'...lolz

    I don't know how to fix it or what it's doing though. :/

    Are you OC'd? could try putting it back to normal if the core's acting up, not sure if that is how it works though haa
    Could always try a system restore if this was recent. Maybe a bad driver or something.

    Good luck P: hope someone else helps or you figure it out.

    Well on a second though you do seem to have a abnormally large amount of processes. Could try exiting some of them? Using the task manager to end them, or use game booster to turn them off and see if so many processes are the problem.. Could try a virus scan too lol

    could try brainstorming I guess xO
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