Bought a weird motherboard and need some help powering it.


I just recently bought an old ibm server motherboard on ebay for a project build. Unfortunately I could not see in the picture what the power connector setup on board looked like. There is a normal 20 pin connector, and then a secondary connector that is just for one p8/p9 connector (its some old school stuff). I tried just powering up the board on only the 20 pin, but the most that happened was a lan port light coming on. Clearly I need the secondary single p8/p9 connector. Does anyone know what I can do in this situation? What mods could I make to the normal atx style psu that I have? Can that even be done? And does anyone have an answer as to which connector I would use (p8 or p9)?
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  1. Em, got the model name for your board?
  2. The board model is 09k9697, but I dont think that will be a ton of help. The computer it came out of was and Ibm Intellistation Pro M 6868. Heres the page with its support docs: . The technical information manual thats found under more documentation should be the most help, although I could not personally find anything helpful in it. Here is also a picture of my motherboard model

    Any solid help is really appreciated guys.
  3. The P8/P9 is an auxillary +3.3 / +5 connection. Pins 1-3 are ground, 4-5 are +3.3, and pin 6 is +5v. You could either get your hands on an older ATX power supply (the 6pin aux was common back in the early Pentium 4 / Athlon XP machines), build an adapter, or get an Intellistation PSU from eBay.
  4. I got another crazy idea... get an old p3 erra PSU and just run dual PSUs. one for the p8/p9 connectors and one for the 24 pin connector. You just have to remeber to jump the p8/p9 psu to power it up before you hit the power button on the pc.
  5. I think the technical support document is clear: the 4-pin connector is an output for internal devices, not an input! The only input is the 20-pin connector. If the board doesn't start, check the specs of the PSU. There is a little chance that it doesn't meet the 5V requirements listed in the document, but it's more likely, that the board is dead.
    OHH, Wait, nearly forgot: it's an old board but it needs a power switch to start it! At least you need to shorten the power switch pins on the front panel connector.
  6. @ mavroxur: That was some really helpful info for sure. I will be needing it.
    @ bucknutty: Thanks for the links. I may consider using the adapters or parts from them to make a mod of some kind.
    @ noidea_77: Read the document again and look at the picture. Youre missing the connector were all talking about. I already know about the 4 pin.
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