I5 3570k or i5 2500k

Hi guys :D

So, Im looking for a CPU for which will be used mostly for gaming, I had the i5 3570k in mind, but little hesitant due to the heat is generates.

Usually I wouldn't care too much, but only I want to be able to OC the chip a bit. (On that note, I've never really OC CPU before, what is the downside of it, how much does it degrade its lifespan, etc?)

So yeah, am I better off getting a 2500k or just going with the 3570k - I can get the 3570k from MSY for $233, whereas the 2500k, I couldn't find a local retailer who sells, but eBay has one for $247.

I mean, first thing that comes to mind is, just go with the 3570k, just don't see the point in paying more for something older, but that may be completely incorrect in this given situation.

(I am on a budget, else, I would've went 3770k :P)

NOTE: I am planning on buying an P8Z77-V Pro (If that counts towards anything :P)

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  1. If you're planning to OC then most people would go with the 2500k due to the temp issues you've already mentioned.
  2. There is always the hardcore option - remove the heatspreader of 3570 and apply good thermal paste, like coollaboratory liquid pro. 10 degrees less guaranteed :) Only question is: will the cpu survive this?
  3. True true, I prefer not to do that however :P

    I am planning on getting a NH-D14 for cooling too, how much hotter does the 3570k run opposed to the 2500k? (I actually have no idea, just know it's hotter :P)
  4. At stock, i wouldn't think they would differ much in temperature. Though my experience is only with the 3570k. You can overclock quite a bit, and with that cooler should be a breeze. Although no overclock is a guarantee, put some time and effort into it and you can achieve 4.5-4.8 with Ivy though its a tough road getting there and every cpu is different. Most people on Toms i've read if you didn't pick up a SB and your choice is SB or IB then you should go Ivy bridge. Good luck on the build. :D
  5. Hi,

    Thanks for that info..

    I was only gonna OC to like max 4GHZ (Perhaps 3.8)

    As you can see, It's $15 cheaper here to just buy the 3570k, think with that OC in mind, should be quite okay?
  6. For OC to 3.8-4GHz and with Noctua D14 you can safely buy 3570k.
  7. Oh alright, thanks for the help, really appreciate it :D
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    Yeah you should be good to go. From what i read on the net, it seems easy pushing for 4.2 with IB at 4.0 shouldn't be any issues to hit that.
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