Hey guys

I am going to be upgrading my video card setup and I am unsure what to get.

the new GTX 680 cards are 499.99 and up to 559, but the slower 7950 cards are 459.99.

My current specs in my mid range pc are GTX 580 SLI, ASUS 990FX Sabertooth,16gis ram, AMD Bulldozer 8120@ 4.2GHZ, 1 terabite wd black 7200rpm Hard drive, 500gigwd green, 1200w psu.

I will be going with SLI or Crossfire but idk which to get I know the GTX 680's kick the 7950's butt but i wanna stay around 1000$
for my next upgrade.
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  1. If you have two GTX 580's in SLI then why do you want to upgrade? There is not enough of an improvement in performance to go with either the Kepler or the AMD cards. Your mid range Pc sounds more like a high end Pc with those two 580's and the Buldozer cpu. But if you have money to burn and don't mind wasting it on the switch from the 580 to the 680 then it's your choice to do so. You might want to wait a bit to get the better Kepler cards that are sure to be released by the end of the year.
  2. I would agree with the previous 2 posters.

    You would probably see more of a usability/performance boost by spending the money on a new MB, Core i5 and a fast SSD and still come in under your $1000 price point, all while realizing a bigger improvement in overall performance.

    Your current proc might end up being the bottleneck if you go with dual 680s, thus hampering your upgrade path.
  3. Why do you want to upgrade graphic cards? What kind of monitor do you have?
    If you want to upgrade invest into a 30" monitor instead. Your rig is good for all the games that are out there. It would handle it all at ultra unless you have 3 monitor setup...
    You can always switch to intel's i7 sandy or wait for ivy...but I would definitively upgrade monitor if you do not have 30" already.
  4. I agree with the above. Why bother upgrading if you have a dual 580 SLI setup? Unless maybe you are swapping out the (2) 580's for (2) 680's. That would be the only real upgrade. However, unless you are running a high res display or 3 displays for gaming, I don't see the point.

    Save your money and take a pretty lady to dinner.
  5. Quote:
    Yeah, listen to the guy that has a 1k CPU and 1k worth of GPU :lol:

  6. Why are you even asking which to go with if you can get your 2x680s for 1000, and know that they far and away outperform the other option of 2x7950s?
  7. If 580's in SLI are not making you happy, you need to look at other options besides a GPU upgrade, because what you have is absolutely killer. I am not going to come right out and say WHAT parts, but if this thing is leaving you wanting for performance, you need to start looking at other things in your system to change first.
  8. Sorry guys I didn't even notice the replies as Toms Hardware did not send me any emails. I don't like the I5 2500k it is really good for gaming but it isn't for me. If console trends keep the way they are then 4 cores might limit me in the near future. think GTA4 badly ported and coded or not at the time it needed a good quad to run it properly. while the tech probably will not even come close to Current high end rigs I wont take a chance. I might get a I7 3930 later if the 8170 fails me. i game on a 30ich 2k Monitor. I am going to give Bulldozer one more chance and then maybe go intel.
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