Need power supply advice

Hi guys, I recently bought a GTX 660 and I'm wanting to upgrade my power supply, since I have a no-named cheap one. Anyway, I'm sort of on a budget, but I'm looking for a fully legit and reliable power supply.

750gb Hard Drive
GA-MA78LMT-S2 Motherboard
GTX 660 OC (Gigabyte)
AMD Athlon 2 x4 645 processor
4gb of ddr3 ram (Not sure what make sorry)
And my screen is a 20 inch Samsung, not sure of the exact model, I think it's a Sync Master
and a 64bit Windows 7 os.

Anyway, in the future I might upgrade to an i5 3570k and a new motherboard of course, as well as some more RAM (Maybe 12gb or 8gb)

I primarily use my PC for hardcore gaming with some graphical modding. Oh, and I live in Australia.

Feedback is appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    something like this will do the job

    you can pay 15 bucks less for the same model but all the cables are pre-attached and are not removable
  2. Sweet, thanks a bunch!
  3. no problem
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