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Hey guys, I got my new computer and I would like to hear what you think about it:
Processor: i5 3450 (a little bit of OC because at full load it gets to about 3.3GHZ)

Processor Cooling: Schytme Katana 3

Graphic Card: sapphire 7850 2GB NO OC

RAM: 8gb ram 1333 mhz

Motherboard : gigabyte H77

Hard Disk: 1tb Western Digital Blue Caviar 7200RPM 32MB Cache

OS: Windows 7 (64 BIT)

Case: SHARKOON T5 Value Black

So........ Send some replies :)
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  1. looks good enjoy it!!!
  2. Good build.
  3. Thanks. Any other opinios?
  4. Tell us how much it was first :p
  5. It cost 4200 Sheqels which is about 1150$
  6. (a little bit of OC because at full load it gets to about 3.3GHZ) Are you saying that you overckocked the cpu? If it only goes to 3.3ghz then you didn't have to overclock because the builtin turbo boost will go up to 3.5ghz.
    Prices must be high where you live because you don't get much for 4200 Sheqels.
  7. They are veyr high. Taxes are 16%. But I dont know about the CPU, it was weird to me either to see it goes up to 3300MHZ at full load, since its a 3.1GHZ at its stock speed...... Very weird. How does this happen?
  8. The cpu has the turbo boost feature and it's something that is preset in the cpu itself and under full load it will automaticly raise the cpu speed to compensate for the extra load so the data remains flowing at the rated speed. Depending on what the full load is the cpu can go up to 3.5ghz in turbo boost for as long as needed and then return to stock speed when the boost is not needed. It's a nice feature to have and you don't have to overclock the cpu (unless you want to ) to get the turbo boost speed. It's good for the cpu as well because when overclocking the cpu will stay at the overclocked speed and tend to shorten the life of the cpu , where with the turbo boost it returns to stock when not needed.
  9. WOW. That's fantastic, and I didn't even know that :) thanks for illuminating me :D
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