My dvi monitor will not come up with hdmi to dvi adapter

My old VGA only computer died. Got a new Gateway(i5) running win 7 and initially hooked my Dell E228WFP Monitor via VGA cable and the monitor came up just fine. I came across my DVi cable for the monitor, the Gateway has a HDMI out, the HDMI to DVi adapter is cheap, so I got the adapter. I shut down, turned the monitor off, and connected up. I just have the DVi cable and no other connected. Pulled the monitor power and left it disconnected for over 5 minutes. The monitor displays auto detect-digital but no desktop. Reconnected VGA and looked around control panel to see if I need to change something. Can anyone explain to me how to fix this or if I just wasted 5 bucks. Thanks!
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  1. you need to get a dvi to vga dongle that connects on the dvi connector and then you can run vga from the dongle to your monitor
  2. Alvine - So I take it there is no real advantage, i.e. better display, in trying to use the HDMI out to drive my monitor, seeing as I would need to convert back to VGA, irregardless of the DVi (digital) input. I think I wasted 5 bucks on the monitor but I got another connector to add to my collection :pt1cable:
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