How will this build compare to Xbox 360 in Skyrim?

Hello, i can get the PC with the following specs for about the same amount of money as an xbox 360 slim 250 GB. I want to know if i should buy that PC or an Xbox 360 for playing skyrim @ 1280x720 res.

PC Specs:
Celeron G530 CPU
Powercolor HD 6670 DDR3
MSI H61M-P22 B3
500 GB Caviar Green
300W Seasonic PSU

Which of those two will be a better buy?
I will use my 32" 1280x720p TV for any of those, i m mainly interested in Skyrim at that resolution.
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  1. o.O dafuq
  2. according to this,review-32457-4.html
    You will get around 35-40 fps. Upgrade to a 6770 or just use the xbox, I don't like consoles but this build is not worth it.
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