Getting new card wanted abit of advice before I commit

Hi guys,

Im thinking of upgrading my graphics cards from 550ti sli to gtx 580 but was wondering if the 580 can play games at 1080p on high to max settings and keep 60+ fps for vsync also I use a amd motherboard and was wondering if I should get the ati equivalent to the 580? Also what would that be?

Many thanks
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  1. The GTX580 is a fine card, and should play anything at 1080P well. The amd comparable would be the 7950.
    With the launch of the GTX680, the GTX580 has been heavily discounted.
  2. AMD equivalent for GTX 580 is HD 7870. GTX 580 should play almost all games at max with 60+ fps at 1080p with few exceptions like Metro 2033, Crysis 2 and battlefield 3.
  3. most of what your asking is what games are you looking at?

    for the most part you will be upgrading with the 580 compared to 55ti SLI.

    and the 7950 would be slightly better than a 580,3123-6.html

    though the 7950 are $40 more the the 580 so its up to you if it is worth it.
    actually with twice as much memory it would help in multi-monitor set ups and crossfire compared to sli.
  4. Agreed. either a 3 gig 580 or a 7950. The 580s are becoming half priced of what they originally were
  5. get the new stuff, because the new technology. Plus ALOT of VRAM. 7950 ftw.
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