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Last response: in Computer Peripherals
June 4, 2003 7:35:43 AM

I have been looking at 19" CRT's and the Hitachi CML174 LCD and wondering if a CRT or LCD would best suit my needs. I use my computer equally for all purposes but I do want to have the best type of screen for very good looking games and movies. Does anybody know of some good 19" CRT's??? (Viewsonic P95f+???)

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June 4, 2003 5:11:52 PM

I was caught up between getting a 17" LCD from AOC or a 19" CRT from Iiyama. In the end (last night to be precise) I choose the 19" Iiyama Vision Master 454 pro because I was worried about dead pixels ruining the image quality (I know from first hand experience. It happened with my laptop although the screen was still usable I had to use dark wallpapers to cover it up LOL. But when it came to playing movies it ruined the whole experience).

I'll be getting the VM-Pro on Monday. I'm expecting good things from it for 2 reasons 1) Its, good value for money, but not cheap 2) All the good right ups it’s had. It also has a USB hub, speakers and 2 VGA ports.

If space is an issue go and get yourself a 17" LCD screen, there coming down in price all the time and now is a good a time as any to get one. Also my laptop was 3 years old when I sold it, and my mates who brought his at the same time as me has got know dead pixels at all. Maybe I was irrational not getting an LCD for those reasons, but I think I’ve made the right choice.

Recommendation = 19" CRT Iiyama Vision Master Pro
June 5, 2003 10:24:43 AM

If you like to play games at high res CRT for sure. If space is an issue, LCD. No matter what LCD fanboys say, CRT are better for gaming and I like CRTs better for movies too.
The other gentlemans suggestion is a very good one, a fantastic monitor but you could save some money and buy another monitor.

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June 9, 2003 11:55:12 AM

My Vision Master pro has arrivd and i've just set it up.

Needless to say I'm very impresed with it so far. The screen is so easy on the eyes and i fill comfortable using it. It also came with a USB lead which I didn't expect!!

YOu want a 19" monitor! You need an Vision Master pro 454!
June 10, 2003 4:07:21 PM

LCD's are shitty for gaming. take half life for exlample, it doesnt support 1280x1024, and can you imagin running 1280x960 on an LCD? Lofl...

plus there quite a bit of blur and delay involved in lcd's.

LCD's are simpley for highlevel workstation Color and visual editing purposes, as they have infintly better looking contrast and color. and perfect geometric screen display ratio.

CRT's have some what less color accuracy. but thats becuase no one is using BNC connection and they dont know any better. LCD's display a range of about 30 to 40 pictures per second, similer to the refresh rate of a CRT being about 100 to 85 depending on the resolution. but V sinc is useless in LCD's becuase your getting a max of about 40 fps regardless of what the console tells you, becuase the monitor is only displaying about 40 pictures per second. so strafing around in a game doesnt look all that pretty, with the added blurry effect, and delay.

it all depends one what you do,

gaming & movies = CRT

visual editing and color definition perfection = LCD
June 10, 2003 6:30:06 PM

I use my computer 50% of the time programming and internet browsing, 35% gaming and 15% movie watching. What do you think would be wiser to do buy a 19" CRT or 17 - 19" LCD. I want the monitor to be easy on the eyes while programming and great display while gamming.
June 12, 2003 2:11:24 AM

You're mistaken there, LCD's have worse contrast and color than a crt. CRT can do an infinite amount, lcd is limited, often being 262K colors and then using frc.

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