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Window 7 e-mail problems


Please may be someone out there knows how to handle a Windows Live Mail window with a solid green bar that says: 0 of 1 tasks have completed succesfully.
This is the window that you see when you're sending e-mails, but it didn't work and now it won't go away and won't let me into my e-mails.....
Thank you for your trouble, Maria Antionette
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  1. remove and reinstall windows live mail
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    It sounds like the mail configuration is not set up correctly. Make sure your server and account settings are correct. Use Task Manager Ctrl Alt Del to bring it up to end close the mail program and check your settings.
  3. Thank you all who helped me with the answers above, I'll give it try.

    Thank you again, Marie Antionette
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  5. The OP says it was handled with a system restore, not sure why it wasn't posted but I have assigned a best answer.
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