Pentium dual core e2200 @3.0ghz with an HD6850?

Hello, i know my stuff is WAY outdated, but i have an e2200 running @ 3.0ghz with a EVGA 9800gt 1gb, i got a deal on an Asus Eah6850 DirectCU grafics card new in the box $30.00 lol, im just wondering if my cpu is going to be bottlenecking this grafics card?
Im not looking to upgrade my whole system or anything possibly just get a better CPU if you guys recommend it, my mobo pretty much supports all of the core 2 duos, dual cores

Pentium dual core e2200 2.2ghz @ 3.0ghz
Zalman cooler
MSI p965 platinum MOBO
4gb ddr2 800mhz patriot extreme
EVGA 9800gt 1gb
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  1. You should be ok. If there's a bottleneck, it won't be very much.

    You can test this by benchmarking the card at 3ghz. Then benchmark it again at 3.2ghz. If the graphics score went up, then the cpu is holding back the card.
  2. Ok, thanks! is there software for benchmark tests or do you mean just going off my fps in game
  3. nevermind found 3dmark on steam
  4. Let us know the results
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