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Gtx 680 or wait for Gtx 685(gtx 780)

Okay so I have been waiting for what seems like forever to get the Gtx 680. Now when I am about to buy it alongside the IvyBridge cpu for my new build I see that there is rumor that the Gk110 will be released in not long after August. I'm about to just say $&@$ it and pick up the Gtx 680 because I am really really tired of waiting. I mean these rumors are only coming from one source so we don't even know if there true. What do you guys think? Should I just bite te bullet and buy the Gtx 680.
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  1. What do you have now? August is not all that close, and I've heard rumors of it being even later.

    With tech, there is always something new on the horizon. You just have to live with the fact that with in 6 months, there is always going to be something new.

    The good news is the 680 is basically like a 560ti, which is to say it has a very good balance of gaming performance and low heat and power requirements. It will be considered a great card to SLI in the future, much like the 560ti's were a few months ago.
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    You could always wait for the next best thing, but how much time do you want to spend waiting? The way I see it is you get something great now and it gives you a 2-3 years of great gaming performance... Great! Then you can consider the next thing. Plus, with a SLI-capable motherboard, you have great expansion capabilities. Maybe pick up another 680 some time later, if you feel it necessary.

    I say go for it and don't look back. Who cares if something better comes along in 4-6 months? For now, you'll still have the best performing GPU the consumer market offers until then, and it will continue to be a capable card for the next couple of years compared to any others. And like I said, if you get an SLI motherboard, you could always add another 680 at some point. I'd recommend a board with PCIe 3.0 if you're building new.

    Also, if you get a 680 (or two), the next time you have budget to upgrade, you'll have a decent card(s) with some resale value to help pay for it.
  3. Nvidia just released 680 card. Other 600s are not available yet including a dual GPU 690 that will consist of 2 680s. I really would not expect 700 series that soon.
  4. it only depends on your need. if you are building new and assume you dont have any video cards right now, then i will go with 680. if you only want to upgrade and have something like 560ti/570/580 right now, then i will wait for the next best thing (gk100 if it is that you meant, while waiting for the 680 price lower a bit). it just me, imo.
  5. You can wait, and wait and wait. In 6-8 month you will se the "new stuff incoming" and you will wait another 6-8 more? Take it now, take it and play right now!
  6. Buy the 680 now. Based on Nvidia roadmap the GK110(GTX7xx) wont release until Q4

    Waiting is always a losing game in the tech industry. Always something bigger and better on the horizon.

    The 680 is a beast. It can play any game at max settings @ 1080P.
  7. There is ALWAYS a rumor of whats coming next. I found that buying it at launch gives me the most satisfaction out of the items. If I can get a full year out of my video card before the next replacement series comes out. I am happy. The GTX580 was out for 17 months or so before the GTX680 was released. I bout each on launch day. In the past I used to play that waiting game to see when the other models came out and found that they didn't last in my system for more than year before they were old news.

    Just get the GTX680. They are not replacing it any day soon. They have whole gamut of 600 cards to fill yet before you see anything else to replace it.
  8. All of your comments are very convincing. Considering I do not have a pc right now I have decided that I will pick up the Gtx 680 along with the 3770k and the new Asus p8z77 pro moterboard. Thanks for helping me out guys.
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