Core2 Quad stock HSF and Ivy Bridge CPU

Hi all

This is probably a stupid question, but I've googled and searched these forums and can't find a straight answer.

I'm in the process of upgrading from a Core2 Quad Q9550 (with stock HSF), to an Ivy Bridge 3770 (3.4GHz) and new mobo.

As far as I can tell from google, both have the same TDP value of 95W (in fact some sites say the 3770 is actually lower, @ 77W).

So could I keep and re-use my stock Core HSF on the 3770? I'm not bothered about o/c'ing so that isn't a factor here.


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  1. I may have just found the answer actually. I came across another forum where someone asked the same question, and it seems the geometry is different between LGA775 and 1155. Only by a few millimetres, but that's enough to matter.
  2. The pins on the cooler are slightly different so the stock cooler with the plastic push pins wont fit. Other than that the cooler should work just fine as you said the new i7 is a lower wattage and far cooler.

    Some boards like the one i just got the asrock extreme 4 actually have 8 mounting holes around the CPU, so it can use the 1155 cooler or the 755 cooler.

    I just upgraded my q9650 to an i7 37770k 2 months ago.
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  4. Doh. Meant to say:

    Thanks. I went for a new HSF in the end, as they're not expensive anyway.
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