NVIDIA GTX 570 2 way SLI vs anything that costs 400 dollars?

I found a seller on craigslist and he is selling 2 GTX 570s for 400 dollars. I only have 400 dollars. Is this the absolute best deal I can get? Im running a GTS 250 atm, so would this be a huge upgrade? BTW they are the 1gb 570 HD http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_results.phtml?product_id=0363755 (They are used of course.)
EDIT: i5 2500k and 8gbs of corsair vengeance
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  1. That's.. a very good deal. Dual GTX 570 is around single GTX 680 performance. I really doubt you can get anything better than that. GO GET IT!
  2. Uhm 680 > 2x580. But still, what can you get for U$S 400, better than 2x570? Or you can considere a 7950 (better than 580).
  3. 680 isn't better than 2x580. It's below it. Anyway, a single 7950 isn't even close to the performance of SLI GTX 570.
  4. You can't do better than that for $400. Just make sure your motherboard supports SLI.
  5. Make sure they work too.
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