Artificially limiting bandwidth question.

Hi guys,

I've got Windows 7 64bit. I currently have slow internet access (satellite) and have no other options for higher speed.

I noticed when i'm gaming- my wireless modem seems to be re-connecting constantly (every 1/2 hour for about 10 seconds) which gets quite annoying. And it seems to happen only when I play games online (mainly SC2).

Edit: Also I noticed...browsing the web and going to YOUTUBE (which nearly maxes out my connection as well) doesn't make my modem reboot. Only when playing games online (like SC2).

What I want is something artificially limit my bandwidth. Is there any free software to do this?

My current connection is about 1Mbit which is ~ 120KB/sec.

So I want to limit my speed to about say 75-100KB/sec instead of the max speed of what I get to see if that will stop my modem from disconnecting / re-connecting.

Note: I've already ruled out a bad modem and cable - i've gotten it replaced approx a month ago and it still does the same thing.
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  1. Are you SURE the modem does not reconnect even when you are not playing a game? A 10-second break would not effect a video due to local caching.
  2. Woops. Made a mistake on my post. What I meant was my Modem DOES reconnect after disconnecting during gaming usage. But it happens every 1/2 hour or less which is unacceptable during gaming.

    So the issue is:

    1) I'm gaming out, the modem disconnects (the lights flash on my wireless modem, like a computer rebooting) then reconnects, usually within 10-20 seconds. This makes playing SC2 online almost unplayable and people get mad at me thinking im downloading stuff or Alt+tabbing

    2) I am not talking about a wireless router. I don't use a wireless router - i connect my laptop directly to my wireless modem (which connects to my ISP).

    3) It doesnt seem to happen when i surf web sites. Only when gaming.

    4) Any suggestions on Artificial bandwidth limitors? Any free light weight ones?
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    I use netlimiter 3 but they are not free. You can use a demo and give it a try to see it it solve the problem. Although I don't think it is. I suspect the slow ping of satellite gives you timeout during game which makes the modem to reconnect.
  4. At 30 bucks for the entire program, whats there to lose? Besides 30 bucks. Thanks Pyree.
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  6. Glad that you find the answer helpful.
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