Could anyone 'endorse' my new first time build?

Sry if My english is not upto standard, it is not my mother tongue.

Finally, the moment of truth after months of research and learning.

There's 1 thing I want, longevity. I want you to assume that I will be stressing the heck out of the system such as leaving it on 3 days straight just to render 5 min of 3D animation. Or leaving it overnight to render my Full HD videos. I'll be editing HD videos and editing in photoshop with 18 megapixel camera.

I'm a power user, as well as I will game too occasionally but i do want mid to high settings.

Anyways, i've laid what I want. hope this build is good to last me couple of years ( i know PCs become obselete every 2 years, but I can manage a new PC about 5 years)
Also one more thing, don't need to tell me 'what's cheaper on certain websites' or special offers on shops cuz... I go to a really nice local store where they have almost every known parts available.

Monitor: Asus 22 inch. ( I have it) was about $150
Case: Nzxt H2 (Already Bought)... I will be adding additional 120mm fan on the bottom and 140mm fans on top. (top, hopefully 1800 rpm fan and bottom 1200 rpm)

CPU: i5 ivy bridge K.
Ram: Corsair Vengence White LP
CPU Heatsink: Noctua U12P
HDD: Wester Digital Blue series 1 TB
DVD Drive: whatever I can find
PSU: CoolerMaster GX 650W
Mobo: AsRock z77 Extreme 4
SSD: 60 GB for only using SRT technology

GPU: Currently I will put in my old GT210 untill Nvidia Announces 650/660 or Ti.
OR Buy a HD 6850 and be satisfied with it as it can play gpu intensive games at mid-high settings and possibly play MOST games atleast at mid settings for coming few years.

OR Get a HD 7850 and stay safe incase some good games becomes really GPU intensive.

So what do you guys think?
I'm worried about Mobo... can it handle the stress of all the rendering and editing?
I will be overclocking after couple of months or a year when I feel comfortable.
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  1. Get a 670, other than that it's decent.

    Video editing tends to be GPU intensive, and the 670 should keep you happy for quite a while, as well as put you up to par on most if not all games for the forseeable future
  2. I would actually say video editing is more CPU intensive, it really benefits to have hyper threading and 16gb ram if it's in your budget especially for 3d animations.
  3. The mobo is fine. Since you are doing video/picture editing have you looked into an i7? GPU wise it depends on your budget as manicmike said a nicer one would likely help with the editing you would be doing.
  4. I would really suggest getting an i7 if you are going to be rendering/editing video. I know that photoshop will take advantage of the hyperthreading offered by the i7.

    I have linked you the unlocked Ivy Bridge i7. However I know you can get Sandy Bridge for a lot cheaper and will be docked very little performance (if any at all).

    It's also worth noting that the ivy bridge will run moderately hotter vs. the sandy bridge so if you plan on stressing your computer for extended amounts of time this could increase the longitivity of your cpu.

    The Noctua is a very nice HS/F, however please make sure you can fit it on your motherboard without limiting your access to RAM slots.

    As for the graphics card I strongly recommend you wait until the 660 is released. It's going to have a very competitive price point vs. the performance it will offer. I also think you will overall be happier with Nvidia at this point vs. AMD when choosing a graphics card...
  5. mobo will be fine.

    the 60 GB SSD is probly big enough for an actual boot drive, 80/90/120 would be better though.

    I'd go with a 7850. for a single 7850 a 430-500W PSU is sufficient, your 650 could hand two 7850s (not that you'd need crossfire without a multi-monitor setup)
  6. i would look into getting an i7 it be faster then the i5 for your work. i look into getting two 8 gig dimm kit for 16g of ram. if you can swing it i would go with more ram. also you wont need to over clock a 3.7 ib chip if you turn off the sleep state c state that power downs the other cores and have all four coures running. i would also swap the hd out with the black from hp do to it longer warranty. the small 60g ssd is a waste of money as a cache drive your better off using a 128g or larger drive as the main drive with photoshop on it. i have a z77mb and an intel 128g 520 drive as boot drive and from dead cold to windows 8 log on screen is less then 20 sec. ssd as a cache drive are fine but your going to wear the drive out quicker with all the read/writes of a cache drive. your better off using the 1g or larger data drive as cache drive for windows. for the mb it depends on the quilty of the caps and power reg that they use now. most of them have gone to a digi power the past year or two. if we were talking the older asus or gigabyte bords. i would know that the older g boards would last a long time as they were made to last. i would before you pulled the trigger check on how easy it would be to rma brand x mother board if it fails..if they do cross shipping and is the board your looking at is a lot people getting doa mb or have issues.
  7. Thanks for all of your suggestions! I hope to get more too. keep them coming =]

    Getting an i7 and 2 8 gigs ram is pushing the budget... unless I get i7 2600K instead. And lower my cost on CPU heatsink and get rid of SSD from the list. Not sure if all these are a better trade off.

    Infact, I don't mind getting rid of SSDs. I can wait for things to load, i just want a smoother video editing previews while editing specially with layers of timelines and effects...
  8. I think i will go with the i5 route. My friend has 4GB ram and a dual core 2.3. She uses same camera as me. In her editing she doesn't lag. But she doesn't work with many layers as I will... so since i'm doubling the components of what she got, i think i'm kind of safe here. Atleast I hope.

    But I am still going to think over and consider all of you guy's suggestions.
  9. Biggest help is using the SSD as your photoshop swap space
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