Something died, don't know what


sry for poor text formatting, im on an old laptop with ctrl and alt broken

asrock h61m/u3s3
gigabyte gf9600gt
8gb ram ddr3
OCZ ZS 550w

Yesterday I got my msi twin frozr 7850 2gb, arcticlean and arctic silver 5. I changed the thermal grease on my i3. Then i plugged in my 7850.
The pc started with all fans running, no POST, no beep, no video.
I plugged the video cable to my integrated graphics card and it ran fine
Meanwhile i had some power outtages cause of crazy weather
Later on i used this laptop to find out that bios update might be necessary to run the new card, so i got it and put it on my pendrive
I wanted to go flash the bios, so i started my pc and again no POST no beep, no visual, but this time on my integrated graphics
Everything is plugged correctly all the time

But wait, there's more; the power button turns the pc on, but doesnt turn it off, even though it used to [only works when i hold it for 5 seconds]. Reset key doesnt work. Also the BIOS doesn't beep as it's supposed to when I unplug all RAM's.

It gets better; I try to run the mobo using my old 350w psu and it doesnt work either.

Best thing is; I plug the OLD psu to an OLD mobo and I still get no post no beep no video on its integrated graphics and no beep when i unplug the old ddr2 rams it has...

What the hell is wrong with my setup?...
Is it the power cable, or the pc chassis cables[the chassis speaker plug is what's responsible for BIOS beeping, right?]?

I was ready to use the warranty on my psu/mobo/cpu, but the old psu-old mobo combo left me completely baffled about what's actually going on.

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  1. Is the monitor cable plugged into the correct output?
    I underwent a similar fluff up on a 6950 cf set up
    other than that I'd say the power cuts might have upset things, try all the card outputs then carry on with the part swapping diagnosis
    we had powercuts yesterday and the other halfs Pc took a while to get the idea, mine turned straight back on
  2. I'm using a VGA plug, I tried it in all VGA outputs available in all the graphics cards, as well as both VGA-DVI converters i have - from the old card and the new one, on all the DVI outputs available...
    The video cables/plugs/outputs can't be the problem - wherever I plug it in, the monitor notices the signal and when I unplug it, it says there is no signal. But it just doesn't show any actual video when I start the PC...

    That's not what worries me most here though.
  3. [UPDATE]I wasn't plugging in the ATX12V1 2x4 pin plug, which is why nothing worked. The new GPU still wouldn't work, but I updated the BIOS and now it works. Everything is okay, nothing died. I'm so happy.
  4. Glad to hear it mate, it happens to the best of us lol
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