How to Download GPU Driver for New PC?

This feels like a REAL newbie question, but I can't figure it out. How do I go about downloading an nVidia driver for a machine that hasn't been built yet? Whenever I go to nVidia's site, it keeps directing me to the latest driver for the PC I'm using at that time, which (of course) doesn't have the card that I will be installing onto the new machine. Even when I try to manually select a card, I always end up at the driver for that computer.

Thank you for any help,
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  1. The Pc that you will be building will have a new video card? If that's the case then when you purchase the new video card it will come with a cd that has the installation program and drivers for that card. After installation if there are newer drivers out then at that time you can go to the Nvidia site and download the newest drivers.

    Do you not see an option for Manual Driver Search?

    -Wolf sends
  3. Wolfshadow - I guess my confusion is that when I do a manual search for 500 series (new card will be GTX580), I am directed to the same file that nVidia recently had me download for my current card, which a years-old 9800 GTX. It didn't make sense to me that they would be the same exact file.

    Thank you, though.
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    296.10 is the latest WHQL certified driver for the GTX 580. Always use the latest driver and not the one on the CD that comes with the card.

    Nvidia generally uses the same driver for multiple generations of graphics cards. The newest 6xx series has a different driver.
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