Computer stops sending signal to monitor

Hello,i took my pc to a tech and when conected it to his monitor eveything was great.when i came back and conected it to my monitor and didnt get sicnal.then i connected my monitor to my other pc and got signal.what can be the problem this all happend in less than an hour.
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  1. Can you replicate the exact way the tech assembled the cords and put everything together? If you can't you might want to go to the tech and ask him. What settings and what cords where etc.

    Otherwise there isn't enough information present in your post to help much.
  2. you see i was there when he turn it on,just plug Power souce and turn on.then i came back pluged pc in turned on and i got fan power cd thing spins and hard drive is also getting power.but i get no video i tried diferent power cable didnt work,then i removed hard drive video card and battery left like that or 10mins computer was then i put video car back and battery.and tried again without power to the hard drive or cd to make sure it was getting enough power but didnt finally i put everything back together but no video still.below are some specs i hope this help you help me.thank you

    AMD Athlon™ 64 X2 5000+, 64-bit dual core processor
    Operates at 2.6 GHz
    2 x 512 KB L2 cache
    2000 MHz system bus

    Chipset NVIDIA® GeForce® 6150SE

    Hard Drive 400 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA II hard drive
    Support for up to two hard drives

    Power Supply 300 watt
  3. What connections are you using for the monitor?
  4. vga
  5. old... Anywho you figure this out yet?

    I was thinking if you haven't that it could mean that your moniter is merely set in the wrong form, my monitor was set for hdmi, when I was using vga. Got no signal. lool

    Had to reset it back to vga, or analog signal.

    ha two weeks. Must have figured it out by now.
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