What caused a cpu to give off heat?

Hi i need to know this, along with other components. i need a link to a professional website, not just a blog because im doing a research project and i need to cite...

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  1. Sounds like you need to do your own research for school. Google will help you with a simple search.
  2. menopause?
  3. You may want to look into the transistor and why it heats up. Since cpus have millions+ of them, you will have your answer.

    In short, Nothing is 100% efficient and cpus despite getting better(still turn most of the power into heat) still transform a good portion of the power coming in to them into heat.
  4. thanks nuke, i asked because the only thing i would find is why laptops are getting really hot, and thats it
  5. Laptops due to a small space for heat sinks and fans will get hotter(Unless its a R3000 from HP, that had great cooling :) ), but the chips are generally the best of the best(Lower power and lower heat) and designed to take the heat(from the lower powered cooling system) without damage.
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